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Dane Design Australia has been producing award winning custom designed homes for many years. This “Collection” of home designs combines that experience and expertise into a range of pre-designed homes. The philosophy is to deliberately challenge the familiar form and function of pre-designed homes.

This is not about business as usual; these building designs are prepared in advance by a team of experts to top the performance scale and make you feel proud of your investment. The execution and planning launch this collection into the future, custom-like homes, functional space, flexible and compact housing that is designed and crafted with great care.

These designs recognise that whether single detached suburban, large lot rural, small lot urban, or infill housing all housing needs to respond to the community and environment in a positive way.

 The first release consists of a series of detached single and two story building designs. This is a new and innovative direction in producing our future housing stock. Designs are prepared by an experienced and knowledgeable collective, to provide better performing buildings, low waste, speedy construction, appropriate pricing and future adaptability.

“to provide better performing buildings, low waste, speedy construction, appropriate pricing and future adaptability”

Our design constraints are purposefully challenging –

  • Innovative construction
  • Flexible, allow for future adaptation.
  • Personalisation, your home is your own aesthetic
  • Limit excessive and wasteful elements.
  • Private and useful open space not left over space.
  • Maximise access to sun and weather protection
  • Essential cross ventilation
  • Utilise high levels of thermal insulation
  • Utilise high level of acoustic installation
  • Exceed industry standards for energy efficiency
  • Respond to site features, views, existing tree canopies, orientation.
  • Understanding that a street scape is not a display of garage doors.
  • Allow for home businesses and changing family needs
  • Promote community and street scape interaction
  • Provide fast and accurate construction documentation.
  • Low construction material waste
  • Off grid options easily integrated and encouraged
  • Consider future advances in tech delivery

“if we understand how a building is to be produced and we find a way that it can be more simply produced, then obviously we are contributing to building better buildings more easily”

quote from “Minoru Yamasaki”


Ddac subscribes to these wise words and will continue to embrace better ways to produce better buildings for you. Buildings we believe will be a delight to live in.

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