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If you’re a registered builder, land developer or real-estate agent and you are seeking an exciting collection of modern building designs to offer to your customers, then look no further.

The Dane Design Australia Collection provides high quality and affordable design with environmentally responsible merits.

Homes for people now and into the future, designed to have lower energy use, reduce waste in the construction stage, are adaptable to occupants’ changing circumstance and offer higher levels of comfort. This also translates to better investment for your clients and our communities.

The design collection is not static; it will expand and develop to embrace new and innovative construction materials and systems.

These homes have been designed to allow personalisation to your client’s tastes. Each design also takes advantage of offsite pre-fabrication for selected elements, speeding up construction and delivering a higher quality product. The collection designs are suitable for many site orientations and fit equally well in the Urban, Suburban and Rural context, they can be adapted to meet infill, multi-level and additions.

If you would like to know more please make contact.

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